Thoughts about the Sai Baba movement

It is interesting to me to see how many persons – over 1450 – have rejected Sathya Sai Baba in public by signing the Sai Petition (see Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization and that many of these did so up to a decade ago.

Considering how good Sai follower are supposed to be, it is rather surprising that there have been so many attacks – spamming and sabotage against the petition, the JuST group of ex-followers which set it up and many of those who have signed it, because this shows a lot about the moral standards of those Sai Baba followers who do this… quite a rabble. That this is a cult is not in any doubt in my mind now, and the difficulty of leaving it is mostly mental and social. Once you leave, there is no longer any sense of friendship or contact with those who remain… which is interesting when you think that Sai Baba teaches about respecting everyone and expressing love all day long etc. etc. All that is blown into fragments when one sees the actual behaviour of devotees, most particularly when you lose faith in their guru and God Almighty.

No reasonably intelligent person who is willing to open their minds and read the massed evidence on the internet about the crimes, lies and hypocrisy of Sai Baba (and sex is one of the main examples of these three points) would be able to go on supporting and worshipping him. But there are many, many things which make people not want to open their minds – they dare not look into the facts that threaten their beliefs. For example, one reasons they fear to doubt him is that lots of them say they dream of him, believing his claim that he visits them himself in that way.

In India there are very many politicians to the highest level, and persons who are famous there (if not in the world) who have gotten entrapped by Baba long since and cannot afford to admit that they were wrong… it would ruin their reputations. So they have all ganged together to keep Sai Baba on a pedestal and make him free from any kind of legal threat… he even has many judges to the top of the court system who worship him! One can see an example on the BBC film which exploded the Sai Baba myth – ‘The Secret Swami’ – where a Minister is interviewed and is abusive to the young lady interviewer when Sai Baba’s sexuality is questioned. This shows what top level followers of Sai Baba are often like… and not only in India, because Dr. M. Goldstein – the top Sai Baba official in his international organization – shows himself to be more threateningly unpleasant to the same young lady – but only when filmed on a hidden camera!


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